How to Stop My Dog From Peeing on the Carpet

A lot of dog owners have come across this problem at least once. Their adorable pets goes and does the most feared. Pees on the precious carpet! The worst part is the smell- dog urine tends to have a very unpleasant scent due to its hormone, ammonia and enzyme properties. As time passes by, this urine gets a lot difficult to clean. Plus, once your dog pees somewhere- whether by mistake or because it was trained to do so, she or he will develop the habit and go pee there on the same spot again. And also you can read to know how to get dog urine smell out of carpet DIY.

This habit is usually because of the familiar scent of its own urine or just because dogs are like that. They are trained by habit. 

Therefore, it is very important that you, as a dog owner know exactly what to do, to stop your dog from peeing on the carpet.

Read along our article from on how to stop your dog from peeing on the carpet, to get some very useful advices. We hope that you are an informed and confident dog parent with a solution, after you are done reading.

There are several way you can stop your dog from peeing on the carpet and some of them are included below:

Using Repellants

There are lots of different kinds of repellants available in stores that you can buy. They are basically sprays that you can apply on the specific areas your dog is attracted to urinate on.

These sprays are, obviously, artificially manufactured connotations of chemicals and also natural compounds that your dog, or dogs in general, hates. For instance, they usually contain cayenne pepper because dogs tend to stay away from it.

If your dog has already peed on your carpet, firstly, clean it with vinegar or an enzymatic cleaner and allow your carpet to dry. Then, spray a good amount of the repellent on the carpet, or spray it according to the instructions given on label of the bottle.

Using White Vinegar

Vinegar does the work of three, as one, actually. It is a greatly preferred urine-cleaner and it also takes care of the scent of the pee, plus, it works as a brilliant dog- repellant.

Dogs tend to avoid white vinegar, mainly because, it is mostly made up of acetic acid- a very nasty smell for our canines.

Make a compound of white vinegar and water in a 1-to1 ration and spray this on the carpet and in the places your dog is likely to pee again.

Using Lemon Juice

Sprinkle a solution of freshly squeezed lemon juice with water all over the place that your dog likes to pee in- and also your carpets. The smell of humans may be nice for us, but our dogs do not like it very much and will be kept at a distance.

Plus, the citric acid works wonderfully if you want to clean the urine and do something about the bad smell.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol” or formally known as Isopropyl Alcohol is great for antibacterial use and works well as a disinfectant. However, its sharp smell is not a very favorite of dogs’, therefore, you can use this as well.

You need to dilute the rubbing alcohol, so, mix it with water- in a one-to-one ratio, and then spray this solution all over your carpet. You should repeat this spraying once a week, or after each time you clean out the carpets.

Using Ammonia

Ammonia has a distinct scent that dogs do not like very much. Make a mixture of ammonia with water because you need to dilute the ammonia and then spray it on your carpets.

Advice: The smell of ammonia is very much like the smell of dog urine itself, therefore, we want you to use this option if all the others do not work for you.

Training your Dog

It is more effective and wise to not let your dog pee on your carpet in the first place, rather than cleaning after him/ her, every time he/ she pees. This requires a little patience and strategies, so read along.

If your dog is new at your house, then you need to establish a designated place for urinating.

Always keep a VERY close eye on your dog- and we mean ALWAYS. Saying that you need to keep a watch on your dog every minute of the day- would not be such an exaggeration. You need to do this because, you need to know when your dog has to pee. Now, he/ she will not come to you and tell you, so you need to understand that for yourself.

The most common times your dog may want to pee are:

  • Right after they wake up. (Naps included)
  • After eating.
  • After an exhausting playtime.
  • After they drank a lot of water.
  • Immediately before bedtime.
  • Right after they wake up from a broken sleep at night.

You need to be vigilant and follow your dog around everywhere (yes, it can be frustrating but this is only for a very little while, trust us). Right when you sense that your dog is about to pee, take her to the place you want to be his/her “bathroom”. Your dog will not be able to hold on, and go right there.

Do this for at least a second time. After peeing once or twice in a particular place, your dog will learn that, that place is its bathroom. It will follow the lingering scent of its own pee from last time and go there again for the same purpose. Plus, dogs are animals of habit- if it has peed somewhere at least twice, it will understand anyway.  

In the beginning however, when you are following around your dog to know when it will want to pee, you might fall for a false signal. Do not let this discourage you. You take your dog to its “bathroom” every time you think it is about to go. You cannot know for sure which signal is a false one or a real one, so, do not take that risk.

Remember, training your dog needs a two-way communication, patience, understanding and a special form of language between the dog and its owner. If you have come into tune with your dog, then you can easily train your dog to not pee somewhere then you can do with your baby.

Good luck!

Paula Anderson

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