How to Get Dog Urine Smell Out of Carpet DIY

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Here, we talk about the very thing our dog children loves to do the most- peeing in the house and better yet- on the carpet!

Now, while there are many ways in which you can clean that up, the real problem is usually after the cleaning up- the smell of the pee is still there!

You can look up for ideas on how to get that out of the carpet. Also You may love to read how to remove cat urine from carpet.


Soda or Club Soda:

This can a very useful trick when it comes to getting that unpleasant, stubborn smell out of the carpet. Read along the steps to get the most effective results.

  • Pour the club soda all over the region where there is pee.
  • Now, take a clean sponge and dab all over the soda. Be sure that you are not rubbing on the soda, as this shove the urine further into the carpet. What you want to do, is dab on the soda, because the sponge will absorb the urine into it, thus taking all of the urine out of the carpet.
  • Pat on the carpet with a piece of cloth or a paper towel. You want to do this to take the moisture out of the carpet.
  • Use an air freshener and use it. Spray it all over the area where the peeing action took place. The flavor or the particular kind of scent of the air freshener you use does not matter here. Make sure, that the air freshener you are using is not out of its expiry date.

Using Baking Soda and Vinegar

This is also a very common and effective way you can deal with the smell of dog urine on your carpet.

  • Make a concoction of water and white vinegar. You should make the mixture on the ration of one part being clean water and one part being white vinegar. White vinegar has properties that deals with the ammonia substance in the urine and it is also an organic cleaner.
  • Carefully spill this solution on the place where the urine is, and wait for 10 minutes and preferably a littlish longer.
  • Pat on the vinegar brew with a piece of cloth or a paper towel to dab it out of the carpet and let it begin to dry up.
  • Keep checking on the spot. When you judge that the vinegar solution is almost drying up, powder a little of baking soda on the carpet on the wet regions. Baking soda is known to be a really good and natural odor soaking property. Let the baking powder be there for about fifteen minutes, and certainly not before this period of time.
  • After about fifteen minutes, you should vacuum on the carpet on the area. After you have successfully vacuumed up the baking soda from the carpet, the urine and the entire smell of it should be all gone.

Using White Vinegar, Detergent and Peroxide

­Rest assured that this is also a very helpful method when it comes to removing the odor of dog pee, however, you will require to have detergent, white vinegar and peroxide (hydrogen peroxide).

  • Manufacture a solution of water and white vinegar. Do this on the ratio of one part equal to clean water and one part of white vinegar. Use this mixture to coat over the urine stain entirely.
  • Powder over the vinegar solution with baking soda. Remember that it should be a layer of baking soda. Baking soda is a natural remedy for unpleasant odors.
  • Make a solution of detergent for washing dishes and hydrogen peroxide.

Note: Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound. Its formula is H 20 2 or H202. Hydrogen peroxide is the simplest form of peroxides. You can probably purchase this solution from drug stores, convenience stores or from chemists, since this is an item normally used in the household for everyday matters.Take a cup and fill it half with hydrogen peroxide and mix a spoon full of dish washing detergent in it.

If you are going to use this on a carpet that has light color then, do remember to take a color-less dish washing detergent.

Make sure that the hydrogen peroxide solution that you are utilizing here, has a hydrogen peroxide solution of 3%. Any hydrogen peroxide solution higher than this limit, is used of medical purposes and is too harsh for a household carpet. It may cause the carpet to bleach.

You can do a little test before you apply on the affected area. Carry out the testing on a tiny, unnoticeable area on the carpet. Moreover, just in case, do this test before you have covered the pee stain.

  • You can pour the hydrogen peroxide solution into an empty spray bottle to spray on the baking soda or you can also pour it directly on the baking soda. After you have done this, get it well into the carpet with a soft brush.
  • Allow the stain to dry out completely. No matter how long it takes, you have to be patient and let that area remain undisturbed and untouched, until it is entirely dry.
  • Vacuum on the area. This is to suck up any remaining baking soda.

Additional Tips

  • If the smell of pee is still lingering even after you have shampooed your carpet, then you can try using an enzyme cleaner.
  • If you are nervous that using hydrogen peroxide may bleach out carpet, then you should vinegar and water with it.
  • If you dislike the smell of vinegar, then you can always mix lemon juice to the solution.
  • Unfortunately, sunlight will not help get rid of the smell, sorry!
  • Distilled white vinegar is the most effective. Do not worry though, any other kinds of vinegar will still work.

Note: Enzymes are biological compounds. These enzymes add speed to chemical reactions. Therefore, cleaners that are enzyme-based are more preferred and effective than your normal, traditional cleaners. Always purchase enzyme cleaners from convenience stores.

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