Best Dry Dog Food for Chronic Colitis [Top 10 Tested]

Know What You’re Dealing with

It would be safe to say that colitis is every dog owner’s one of the worst nightmares. Not only is it painful, messy, confusing but, it is also very difficult to deal with. Also, let us not forget, that the biggest victim in this entire situation is not you, but your dog or dogs. Therefore, it is best for both your dog and you, to approach this dilemma being absolutely prepared with legitimate information to the best possible level; so that you will know exactly what to do and what is the best dry dog food for chronic colitis.

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What is Chronic Colitis? 

Colitis, in medical terms, is basically abnormal swelling of the colon. Canine colitis in particular is when the colon, or the large intestine in dogs, has inflammation on it, or, along it. It is very a very painful and bothersome experience for you dog or dogs.

Colitis in dogs can get to the extent of being chronic, when your dog’s pancreas’s ability to regulate digestive enzymes get hampered.

What are the Causes of Chronic Colitis in Dogs?

There are several causes of colitis in dogs which are either most definite or most possible. It is important for you to remember that, your vet should run tests to determine the exact and actual reason behind you dog’s colitis to choose the best line of treatment. It is absolutely crucial to get to the underlying factor responsible for the colitis in the first place, so that the vet can know how to proceed with the treatment procedure that will not worsen the situation in your dog any further.


Your dog could have gotten an infection from any nameable source, and, your dog’s immune system will do its job by responding to the infection. However, the immune system’s actions against the infection may be adverse for your dog’s large intestine, resulting in colitis.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome:

This is a tricky one. Mainly because, this is a condition which is triggered by psychological or neurological causes. Dogs with this condition of “Irritable Bowel Syndrome” can be prone to developing colitis. It is important for you to note that, this condition is often seen in excitable dogs who are easily stressed.

Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease:

This is a type of disease where, the immune system in the process of fighting against an infection or an allergy, attacks the wall of your dog’s colon. It is unfortunate, that this disease can be treated and managed, however, it may not curable completely.

Adverse Reaction to Medication:

There are all kinds of different medicines which act adversely on your dog’s digestive organs. Certain kind of antibiotics can kill off the helpful bacteria whose function is to help in digestion. Absence of these bacteria will result in an upset stomach.

Intolerance or Allergies:

Dogs can be allergic or have a digestive system that are intolerant towards certain foods such as, lactose or wheat. These types of allergic foods can also cause inflammation.

What are the Symptoms of Chronic Colitis in Dogs?

It is crucial that you keep a look out for all the known symptoms of chronic colitis in dogs since they cannot come up and tell you themselves, but they are most definitely experiencing discomfort and pain.

Two of the most obvious signs of chronic colitis in dogs are diarrhea and constipation. In the case of diarrhea, it is important to know if the diarrhea is due to trouble in the small intestine or in the large intestine. You should note that, diarrhea happening because of problems in the large intestine is a more serious concern.

Here are most common symptoms of diarrhea because of the large intestine:

10 Best Dry Dog Food for Chronic Colitis

It is essential that you give your dog the best dry dog food for chronic colitis. If you are unsure as to which dry dog foods would be the best for your dog with chronic colitis, then do go through our review.

Since diarrhea causes the level of water in the body to decrease rapidly, it is mandatory that your dog suffering from colitis consumes a lot of water in order stay hydrated. Therefore, your vet could suggest you getting Hill’s Prescription Diet to supply your dog with et nutrition.

What makes this product best suitable for dogs with colitis is that it contains those particular ingredients which assist with digestion. Hill’s Prescription Diet includes food ingredients which are excellent at helping with the stimulation with the gastrointestinal tract and, it contains food elements which are low in protein and fat. Dogs with chronic colitis should be eating low protein and fat food products.

In addition, Hill’s Prescription product is rich in fiber- containing ingredients such as, whole grain corns and rice. Fibrous food will promote a healthy metabolism in your dog. 

This dry dog food is also highly recommended for dogs with chronic colitis because, it has antioxidants which trigger cell regeneration and this in turn, helps maintain the immune system. The antioxidants will also contribute in fighting bacteria.

Hill’s Prescription Diet will also has in it vital minerals that will keep your dogs with colitis well hydrated.

Your dog with colitis or chronic colitis may have trouble with having a regular dry dog food.

Royal Canine Veterinary Diet is an ideal dry dog food for a dog with colitis because it contains content which is very low in fat and protein. (However, do make sure that this dry dog food is prescribed by your vet beforehand).

This standard mixture of low fat, prebiotics, easily digestible proteins and soluble and insoluble fibers will do all of the following:

  • This will aid your dog with colitis with a smooth digestion.
  • Will reduce chances of possible constipation.
  • Will reduce chances of a distressful and painful bowel movement.
  • It will also promote a healthy intestinal movement.
  • Ensure the perfect balance of the helpful bacteria in your dog’s stomach.

This is not the only reason why Royal Canine Veterinary Diet is highly suggested for dogs with colitis or chronic colitis.

Royal Canine Veterinary Diet contains Omega acids, pork-by products, EPA and DHA (all extracted from fish oil) which will an excellent job at supplying your dog’s GI tract with nourishment.

In addition, Royal Canine Veterinary Diet is also rich in fiber sourced from corn grits and corn meal; the reason why your dog suffering from colitis will experience an improved stool movements and other digestive difficulties.

This is one of the most favored canned dry dog foods for dogs with colitis. Dog owners with dogs who are suffering chronic colitis will recommend Natural Balance L.I.D Lamb & Brown Rice Formula, because this dry dog food will tackle the symptoms of colitis and aid in faster recovery from colitis.

Natural Balance L.I.D Lamb & Brown Rice Formula has come up with a genius recipe for its formula with limited carbs and protein (sourced primarily from lamb).

Please note that, lamb is one of the most easily digestible animal meats found; which just what your dog experiencing colitis will need. 

Another reason why Natural Balance L.I.D Lamb & Brown Rice Formula makes a perfect dry dog food for dogs with chronic colitis is that it contains a very limited quantity of carbs and protein. (Actually, namely just five ingredients in fact). This decreases the chances of your dog developing an allergy or consuming contaminants which will further cause colitis.

The five primary ingredients would be:

  • Lamb
  • Lamb broth
  • Lamb liver
  • Brown rice and,
  • Lamb meal

Natural Balance L.I.D Lamb & Brown Rice Formula has worked to keep your dog’s diet as simple as possible.

Also, the combination of lamb protein and nutrition sourced from fibers and essential oils will promote healthy coat and skin in your dog

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula contains high-quality food substances which ensure a healthy weight and, will promote metabolism in your dog. For this reason especially, Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is a dog owner’s most commonly selected dry dog food for dogs with colitis or chronic colitis.

Although, Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is a part of a prescribed diet, it contains almost the same qualities.

Here is what makes Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula a very preferred dry dog food for dogs with colitis: it includes modest amounts of protein sourced essentially from deboned chicken.

It is noteworthy for dog owners that chicken is one of the most easily digestible meats and the protein in it breaks down easily in the intestines. This quality makes this dry food one of the best for dogs with colitis.

It is well-known that fat content can disrupt your dog’s digestion process and cause distress. However, Blue Buffalo contains a very low portion of fat- which will help ensure a healthy weight and a smooth digestion.

Here is more to Blue Buffalo Life Protection: it is made up of-

  • Fruits
  • Whole grains
  • Real meat
  • Garden veggies

As if these were not reasons enough to Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula one of the best dry dog foods for dogs with colitis; this recipe also contains-

  •  L-carnitine which is best for lean muscle and reducing calories from fat.

 Glucosamine and chondroitin- which is excellent for bone protection

This wet dog food formula is not specifically designed for dogs with colitis as other dry dog foods for dogs with colitis. However, since dogs with colitis will experience frequent diarrhea, which in turn, will adversely affect your dog’s weight; this wet dog food just be the perfect choice for your dog with colitis.

NUTRO Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Natural Wet Dog Food uses lamb as its main source of protein; however, makes sure to keep the amount of protein to a moderate amount to ensure a comfortable digestion in your dog.

 Also, colitis (especially chronic colitis) will leave your dog in fatigue as this condition puts excess pressure on your dog’s body. Therefore, since this wet dog food formula has large quantities of vitamins and minerals in it, NUTRO Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Natural Wet Dog Food would make a near perfect choice of supply for nutrition for your dog with colitis.

IAMS GRAIN FREE NATURALS DRY DOG is made using naturally grown fruits and real salmon and contains a standard mixture of minerals and antioxidants which will improve your dog’s immune system and overall health.

In the process of preparing IAMS GRAIN FREE NATURALS DRY DOG, zero percentage of corn, soy, meat meals, grains and meat by-products were used. In addition to this, flavors, preservatives and artificial colors were used in the process.

Also, high quality protein blended in this formula will promote strength in your dog’s muscle. Owning to the taste of real salmon, this dog food is enriched with antioxidants and vitamins sourced from real farm – grown veggies and fruits.

What makes this ­dry dog food stand out for dogs with colitis is that it is wholly made up of natural ingredients and – your dog will love the taste!

The best way out for a dog with colitis is by maintaining a healthy stomach.

Canidae Grain Free Pure Dog Food is the answer to all those dog owners in search for dog food that is helpful for allergies, also good for sensitive stomachs.

The reason why this dog food is worth trying out is, its composition is made wholly of a single animal protein and a few vegetables and fruits. This makes this dog food friendly for dogs with sensitive or easily upset stomachs. Also, given the fact that this dog food is based on only single animal protein and a limited vegetables and fruits, Canidae Grain Free Pure Dog Food is also safe to use for dogs suffering allergies.

This dog food features real fish and chickpeas, lentils and potatoes. This dog food does not contain any kind of gluten which is good news for any dog with allergies.

Since Canidae Grain Free Pure Dog Food does not feature any artificial flavors or colors, your furry friend will indulge in the taste.

Mixed with essential oils like Omega 6 fatty acids and Omega 3, a variety of vitamins and minerals and probiotics; this dog food will supply all the necessary supplements for your dog to have an improved immune system and fight against the symptoms of colitis.

It should be noted that, most dog owners have stated that the product purchased from Amazon is not the same as the product purchased from regular pet stores.

Overall, this product is completely gluten free and is great for dogs with allergies. Moreover, this dog food enhances the digestive system and the immune system, which makes this dog food one of the best choices for dogs with colitis.

Super Food for Dogs is one of the most highly recommended out of the list of the top dog foods for dogs with colitis.

What makes this dog food unique is that it is helpful for dogs diagnosed with blood disorders, IBS, abnormal growths, allergies and gum diseases.

This product is available in the form of powder. It is made using a food base, multi-vitamin supplement and broad-spectrum nutraceutical mineral.

Most diets for dogs today, may not include all the important nutrients in sufficient amounts; where Super Food for Dogs.

Moreover, what makes this dog food desirable for dog owners is that it is very easy apply in your dog’s food. All you have to do is sprinkle a little of it in your dog’s food.

This dog food is carefully formulated for dogs with colitis, especially manufactured to tackle gas, solidify loose stool, promote regularity, and provide comfort to the gastrointestinal tract.

What makes The Honest Kitchen Perfect Form an ideal dog food for dogs with colitis, is that, not only does this supplement fights colitis, but also, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, rare upset stomachs and IBD.

Dog owners will be very glad learn that The Honest Kitchen Perfect Form has obtained the NASC’s (Nat’l Animal Supplement Counsel) Seal of Approval. This is a seal of guarantee that this food product is absolutely reliable and effective to use.

Also, in the process of manufacturing this food product, the dehydrated whole food substances will have gone through minimum processing- this makes sure that the nutrients in this dog food are closer to their natural form.

Dog owners who are hesitant about providing grains to their dogs, Rachel Ray Nutrish, is one of the best selections to choose from on. Primarily, it uses U.S farm-grown beef and bison raised in the U.S. Zero Grain formula will provide your furry friend with just the right amount of required highly digestible protein that trigger mass muscle.

Rachael Ray Nutrish will supply your pooch with loads of energy, owning to its components it is made up of- namely, potatoes, peas and fresh vegetables.

In addition, Rachael Ray Nutrish is rich in beet pulp which is an excellent source of fiber and colitis probiotics.

Moreover, this food product is high glucosamine and chondroitin, which will improve your dog’s mobility and healthy joints.

Essential minerals and vitamins are also found in Rachael Ray Nutrish which will ensure absorption of nutrients. Since, dogs with colitis will lose quickly nutrients in large amounts, Rachael Ray Nutrish.  

Useful Tips

The most important thing to remember when your dog has colitis is that you should not panic. You should keep in mind to do the following:

  • Do not panic. Your dog needs your support more than anything else in his/ her condition, so you cannot waste time in being confused as to what to do. Also, unnecessary panicking may lead you to choosing the wrong alternative method of treatment.
  • Next step would be to take your dog to the veterinary. Describe your dog’s condition accurately and in detail to the vet. The vet will be able to determine the best and safest line of treatment for your dog.
  • It is also crucial that you pick out just the right line of diet for your dog with colitis. Since, food going in your dog’s digestive system plays a vital role in either improving or worsening the colitis condition; we from Just Pet Lover strongly recommend that you include the right elements in your dog’s daily diet. This again, you can do with the help of vet.
  • Choosing the best dry dog food for your dog with colitis would be one of the most biggest help for your dog. Therefore, we suggest that you go through our reviews of the top ten dog foods for dogs with colitis or chronic colitis and select a dog food after discussing all of the options with your vet.

 After you have followed and gone through all of these guidelines from Just Pet Lover, you have to remain vigilant and keep a look out for recurring or further symptoms of colitis in your dog. If any symptom continue to persist, it is a must that you immediately take your dog to the vet and consider surgery.


What is the best food for dogs with colitis?

It is a well-known fact that yogurt (and especially with live cultures) is very helpful for dogs with colitis. It is rich in good bacteria which destroys the bad bacteria. Moreover, it supplies the calcium spurting puppies need.

Vegetables such as cabbage, carrots and apples.

Dogs with colitis require a diet made up of turkey, lamb and chicken is generally well received by dogs suffering from colitis.

You can try making a stew with any one of these meat products and serve it on top of rice or dry dog foods for colitis.

Moreover, supplements will be highly recommended for dogs with colitis, because they will not be able to absorb sufficient portions of nutrition from food.

Therefore, be sure to feed your dog supplements with Omega 3 essential oils, probiotic supplements and plant oils.

How do you treat chronic colitis in dogs?

Chronic colitis is not exactly curable, but there are a lot of ways which you can manage the chronic colitis in your dog and help make him or her feel better. Although there are cases in which, acute colitis can go away on its own, however, chronic colitis will require medication or lengthy procedures.

  • Fasting for Straight 48 Hours

This is often the most preferred way a vet will try to resolve the colitis in your dog, since, it allows a break for the intestines in your dog and gives them to relax a bit for a change.

Following the 48 hours of fasting, a dog owner should feed his/her dog food rich in high-fiber. This will ensure the normalizing of the digestive system.

  • Probiotics

There are helpful or “good” bacteria found in your dog’s digestive system and these bacteria’s job is to maintain a healthy colon. However, due to the excessive discharge of food and inflammation as a result of diarrhea of the large intestine, your dog will lose these bacteria in large quantities.

Probiotics are basically artificial versions of these bacteria, found in supplements and regular dog food. Probiotics will make sure that your dog’s intestinal lining is healthy and protected.

How do you treat colitis in dogs naturally?

The best and most natural method of treatment of colitis in your dog would be fasting for a period of 24 hours to 48 hours. In addition to this, you can try increasing the dietary fiber in your dog’s food.

Opting for a hypoallergenic diet or switching to feeding low residue may also be other natural treatment options for your dog with colitis.

Final Thoughts

We at know what it is like for dog owners to watch their beloved furry friends go through something as painful and distressing such as colitis or chronic colitis.

However, we urge you to not worry and try to read this article and apply all of our reviews on the food for dogs with colitis and our well thought out suggestions.  

Our prayers are with you and mostly your special fur baby!

Paula Anderson

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