Best Deshedding Shampoo for Dogs [2020 Buying Guide]

As the old saying goes, dogs are men’s best friends. But are we theirs? The answer lies in how we treat our four-legged buddies. One of the most vital things you can do for your dogs is to help them keep clean and have their thick fur healthy. To do that, you have to have the best deshedding shampoo for dogs.

These deshedding shampoos keep your dog’s fur healthy and reduce their shedding rate to a minimum. This doesn’t only help the dog! It also helps you keep your house clean from furs. Let’s be honest, we love our dogs, but having everything covered in fur is annoying.

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If you’re clueless about where to look for or you can’t decide on which shampoo to buy, you’ve come to the right place! We searched the marketplace for you and picked and reviewed 10 of the top shampoos in this article. Look into them.

FURminator’s shampoos have been a reliable choice for many dog owners. It’s quite suitable for your dog’s skin while doing its job with immaculate perfection. Especially this Ultra Premium shampoo from Furminator has been our top pick for some time.

A deshedding shampoo is only good when it can balance between reducing shedding and keeping the skin moisturized. And this shampoo does it quite well. You’ll notice a significant reduction in shedding all the while your dog will be getting nutrients to its skin.

What are the nutrients you ask? It’s everything you wish for. Filled with fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6, extracts of calendula and papaya leaf, it will rehydrate your dog’s skin and make the fur thick. The fact that it doesn’t contain chemical dyes is very appreciable.

Thanks to the ingredients, it will make the coat softer, and the deodorant elements will make your best buddy smell good. The agents reduce undercoat to control shedding. You’ll love having your dog around. That dog smell isn’t a comfortable thing to have around, although you love your dog.

To get the best results, we recommend that you follow a monthly grooming regimen. Don’t bathe more than once if your dog is well and healthy. Dilute it before you use it, and the dilution ratio is 10 part water to 1 part shampoo.

 The cleaning agents in the shampoo works very well, but excessive use can be bad. Nutrients can’t cover up for forced damage. Listen to your vet if your dog isn’t well. The vet will recommend a washing routine; combine the routine with this shampoo. You can use a conditioner along with it.


We loved how the name describes its function perfectly. What this shampoo does is control the shedding of fur as there’s no way you can stop shedding. So, deshedding is a bit misleading. The shampoo from Wahl is a favorite among all-natural products users, thanks to its simple yet effective use of natural ingredients.

The ingredients used in this shampoo are everything we asked for. Lemongrass, sage leaves, oatmeal, and Aloe Vera make a stunning combination of skincare nutrients.

If you know what these are good for, then you know your dog will love it. These boast the most easiest to absorb nutrients that keep the skin hydrated and reduce shedding.

Lemongrass and sage leaves are here to increase the fresh scents of the shampoo. This shampoo will keep your dog’s skin and coat clean and fluffy. It minimizes the undercoat since that’s an area where shedding occurs most. Rinsing off the shampoo is easy, and it leaves the skin fresh and light.

Wahl believes that less is more, which is why this shampoo is high in concentration. You don’t have to use much shampoo, thanks to the coconut-based sodding agent. It will create a thick lather that can be rinsed off easily.

If you’re worried about activating those allergy symptoms, then don’t be. It’s quite an allergy-friendly shampoo. Even dogs with several allergies won’t be affected by it. It’s free from paraben, PEG-80, and alcohol.

 To get the best results, keep the shampoo on for 5 minutes. Then after washing it, you can use a condition, but it’s not a must if the vet doesn’t say so. Bathing once a month is enough.


At number 3, we have the Shed Patrol shampoo made for every kind of pet you might have in your house. Coming in a nicely shaped bottle, this shampoo didn’t disappoint us with its performance. But does this own up to its name “Top Performance”? Let’s see.

The shampoo consists of Aloe Vera, Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamin-E, Pro Vitamin-B5, fragrance oils. And all of these are natural ingredients. So you can check off that point. It passes the bar of safety, and with the Aloe Vera in it; your dog’s skin is safe from suffering due to dehydration.

To get the best results, first wet the coat with warm water and then use a generous amount to make a thick lather. It will cover the undercoat as well and clean it from deep. But be careful about the shampoo getting into eyes. The lather will rinse off easily and leave beautiful shiny and smooth fur.

The wheat germ oil and fragrance oils make for a fresh smell that you’ll love. It’s not a heavy smell at all, almost a kind of exotic mandarin light scent. Having your pet around without the dog smell is easy nowadays.

What about deshedding? Does it perform well enough? We’d say it does. You’ll notice a significant reduction in the amount of shedding in the coming months. Even when your dog is stressed, it won’t shed as much.

As long as your dog is healthy, bathing one time in 30 days is enough. If you bathe more than once, than you have to put extra care into rehydrating the skin. Use conditioners as per your vet’s suggestion.


Another professional grade product for controlling your dog’s fur shedding is this shampoo from CHI for Dogs. It’s been dubbed as the best deshedding shampoo for dogs by many of the users. We say it came close. It has met all the requirements on paper but off paper?

It passed the bar of quality having all the natural extracts such as Kava extract, Papaya leaf extract, Chamomile extract, Calendula extract. There’s more! It has Aloe Vera and Silk protein in it to give the skin and hair hydration and smoothness.

Along with those, you also have Vitamins and Minerals. All of these combined will leave your dog’s coat and skin much healthier, shinier, and thicker. The lather it makes is thick but rinses off easily. It has an ionic formula that seals off hair cuticles and reduces frizz to deliver a silky smooth coat.

The seed oils such as the Calendula and Cranberry combines with the added fragrance to give your dog a stunning presence. Your guests will love the smell and having your best buddy around rather than the dog smell.

In terms of safety, it’s free from paraben and thickeners. So your hair follicles won’t be damaged. It’s also free from chemical dyes and has a neutral pH level; both are good for your dog’s hair. You can use it for dogs aged at least 2 months.

For good results, use warm water to wet the coat and use a good amount to wash from the back of your dog’s ears to the tail. Avoid the eyes as it isn’t a tearless product. It will affect the sensitive body parts if exposed too much.


Stop your dog’s excessive shedding with this Shed-X shampoo. Made for use on any of your house pets, it works well on dogs. Unhealthy skin and fur-coat are the reasons behind the excessive shedding that makes it hard for you to keep your house clean. How does this shampoo control the shedding?

It’s a very simple formula. This shampoo reaches into the skin and releases excess hair from the undercoat, which is the area where most shedding happens. Furthermore, it exfoliates the skin to reduce shedding as well as allergens and dander. You’ll have less stuff to worry about.

Does the shampoo leave you at this point? No, it doesn’t since it improves the skin through moisturizing the skin. The Omega fatty acids, combined with different Vitamins, create a shield on the skin that protects the skin from further damages.

Anti-oxidants, grapeseed oil nourish the skin from deep as the fur base becomes stronger, thus reducing shedding.

You and your dog will appreciate the white ginger and nectarine fragrance coming from the fur after using the shampoo a few times. A dog with low shedding and a good smell makes living in the house much comfortable.

SynergyLab’s Shed-X formula works best if used with warm water. Massage the lather deep into the skin, and it will work to strengthen the hair shaft. A shiny and thick coat will make snuggling your fun pet more comfortable without the worry about shedding all over.

If there are excessive skin issues, it’s better to use a different grooming regimen with this shampoo. Use conditioners if needed. Washing your dog once a month is enough.


What we appreciate about this shampoo is that you can use it on both dogs and puppies. It’s always been a concern with dog owners that they need to buy different shampoos for their dogs and puppies. But with these blessings, you can do both. Burt’s Bees is a great option, and it has been for many consumers.

The most vital benefit it brings to your dog’s fur health is that it fortifies the hair structure and resists breakage. Usually, shedding seems more due to the breakage of fur. After using the shampoo a few times in the grooming regimen, you’ll notice the fur-coat is much thicker and stronger.

100% safe, is this just a claim and nothing more? We found that the claim has been substantiated with its ingredients list. The list consists of Omega 3s, Vitamin-E, Vitamin-B5, and others. And it’s free from harmful elements such as chemical dyes, sulfates, and complex chemicals.

Thanks to the mild pH level in the solution, it’s appropriate for all ages of dogs. We felt that it’s not a tearless product and is harmful to the sensitive areas of the body, such as the eyes. The shampoo is free from fragrances. Now you decide if you prefer a non-scented shampoo or not.

If your dog has a bit of smell, a nice fragrance is appreciable. But if you’ve already gotten rid of that, then there’s no problem with using a non-scented shampoo.

 The shampoo creates a good amount of lather, and that carries the nutrients to their necessary destinations and rinses off quite easily. Follow the bathing instruction from your vet. We can’t stress this point enough.


This GNC shampoo is for all pets; dogs and cats alike. It performs well to control fur shedding. With all the necessary ingredients, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be up here among the best shampoos. But, we reckon, the scent choice might be either a deal-breaker or a deal-maker.

The shampoo formula consists of ingredients such as Aloe Vera juice, flower extracts, necessary amino acids, wheat protein, oat protein, silk protein, and other vitamins. It passed the bar in terms of quality since it strengthens the hair follicles from deep in the skin and prevents breakage.

Don’t forget that it has safflower seed oil, Shea butter, and some other flower extracts that moisturize and softens the fur coat. Every time you’ll wash your dog, you’ll notice a much shinier and thicker coat. The cleaning agents do their job well and reduce the undercoat from where most of the hair sheds.

You can use it only on dogs aged 8 weeks and older. It’s not a tearless certified product, so it will irritate the eyes if you’re not careful when washing your dog. You have to be gentle and massage from the back of the ears to the tail.

Washing once a month is enough unless your vet instructs you otherwise. To add, it’s free from all those nasty chemicals and paraben.

 It has a cherry almond scent, which might not go with every dog. The scent has to fit with your dog’s profile. If it’s a husky or a wolf-dog, this might not go with it. But it’s only our opinion; you’ll decide what scent you want on your dog.


This is a 1-gallon pack. With a high concentration, you’ll be saving a good amount of money. Wild Animal shampoos came out a long time ago, and they’ve competed with other top-class shampoos successfully. It does what it should comfortably.

Deshedder, moisturizer, and cleansing shampoo; it’s a 3 in 1 product. And it doesn’t do badly at all in any of the areas. By minimizing the undercoat, it attacks where it matters the most. It’s the undercoat that sheds so many furs.

If you use a separate conditioner with your current shampoo, then you don’t need one with this since it’s a conditioning shampoo as well. It can clean dirt and stubborn oil from the fur and condition the fur to reinforce the hair follicles. Furthermore, it also seals off the hair cuticles.

It doesn’t contain any elements of soap and detergents as they tried to keep it as naturally sourced as possible. The shampoo is filled with Aloe Vera, Sage extract, Chamomile extract, Comfrey extract, Henna extract, Nettle extract; it’s tiring to list them all! It’s quite safe for dog hair.

To ensure further health safety, it has a balanced pH level, and it’s biodegradable. No chemical dyes or sulfates were used in it. So, it won’t harm the dog and the environment in any way.

 Before using it, you need to dilute it first. The ratio is 50 parts water to 1 part shampoo. You don’t need to use too much, and that’s the benefit of shampoos with high concentration.


At number 9, we have the Oster Essentials. This shampoo is for dogs, but you can use it on cats as well if you want. At a price under $6, there isn’t a better option out there. It controls hair shedding to a great extent.

The shampoo consists of important Vitamins such as B5, E, and D, along with natural oatmeal extract and safflower oil extract. Your dog’s skin will love the vitamins as it nourishes the hair base while the extract strengthens the structure of the fur coat. Hair breakage is also reduced significantly.

As for scents, this shampoo will give your dog a Coconut verbena smell that will keep your dog and you feeling fresh. All-natural ingredients are rare, but Oster’s formula made it easy to feed the necessary ingredients through oatmeal extracts.

You’ll notice that the shampoo is completely free from any chemicals whatsoever, such as phthalates, dyes, and alcohol. It has no paraben too, but they included nasty hair thickeners. The thickening element suffocates the hair inside. So keep a note.

To get the best out of this shampoo, keep it on for 5-10 minutes as it works its way into the skin and the hair. By exfoliating the skin and sealing of hair cuticles, it reduces shedding. Also, it removes excess hair from the undercoat.

Keep this shampoo in your dog’s monthly grooming regimen. Use warm water to wash the hair and rinse out the lather layer completely to avoid causing a dehydrated skin.


We’re ending the list with an Aloe Vera and Oatmeal based shampoo. The all-natural Earthbath isn’t new to the scene of pet shampoo. This shed control shampoo works well on dogs and nourishes the fur coats with its natural ingredients.

What are the natural ingredients used in it? It’s a mix of Aloe Vera, oatmeal, green tea, awapuhi, and organic Shea butter. Along with these, it also has anti-oxidants to help with blood flow and moisturizing agents to keep the hair safe from dehydration.

The first thing about this shampoo you’ll notice after using is that it’s very soft. Your dog will have smooth and silky hair as you keep washing it with the shampoo. It rehydrates the hair after the cleaning agents do their job of removing dirt and oil from the hair.

Earthbath says it’s 100% safe in terms of external use. And it’s true since it’s free from toxins, phosphates, and sulfates as well as chemical dyes. These are disastrous for hair.  With a balanced pH level, this shampoo addresses the itching problem faced by many dogs.

We advise you to keep the shampoo away from kids’ reach and prevent it from going into the eyes of your dog when washing. If somehow it goes inside, make sure to rinse very well. Follow washing instructions from the vet as per your dog’s need.

 It’s a good deodorant shampoo as well if you’re looking to get rid of the smell. As a side note: The shampoo is biodegradable since it meets the standard set by environmental organizations.


What to Look for Before Buying?

We always want the best for our pets. But how do you determine which the best deshedding shampoo for dogs is? Certain factors come into play in this aspect. Some elements need to be in the shampoo, and some elements are a big no. Down below, we discussed them in brief. Let’s understand them.

Stuff That Should Be Included

You see, the shampoo works well if it has the right amounts of the right ingredients in it. So if you want to give your pet-friend a nice bathe and reduce shedding, you need to make sure that the shampoo has all the right ingredients. Of course, all of them have to be natural.

Remember, it’s more important to give your dog’s skin good nutrients than giving a nice smell. Some vital ingredients you need to look for are –

  • Papaya Leaf Extract

Leaf extract has always been a staple in human health nutrition as well as medicine. And it does the same for dogs too! Especially papaya leaf extracts have shown a tremendous result in the growth properties in dogs.

All credit goes to the karpain compounds. These are always included in anti-dandruff products. It has alkaloids in a high amount that will remove dirt from your dog’s fur quickly and easily.

  • Natural Seed Oil

Seed oils have always been a favorite when talking about skincare. We humans use it daily in our lives. Thus, you should buy a shampoo with natural seed oil in it. Safflower seed oil is known to be quite good, and it doesn’t cost much, which reduces the cost of shampoo.

  • Calendula Extract as Moisturizer

Calendula oil is a good ingredient for dehydrated scalp problems. To reduce shedding, you have to keep their skin hydrated, and calendula extract can help in this regard.

  • Vitamin E

This is a key ingredient in any shampoo, whether for humans or animals. It’s an essential element for the skin and coat’s health. So look for it in your dog’s shampoos.

  • Fatty Acids

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids play a vital role in maintaining good cell function, and keeping the cell membrane healthy. These two fatty acids are a good friend of animal health as well as humans. Both increase fur density and reduce hair loss.

  • Deodorant

Although deodorant isn’t an essential part of your dog’s health, it’s recommended that you look for it. Getting rid of the dog smell is good for the home’s environment. It’ll make living in your home pleasant.

Stuff to Avoid

Some things are detrimental to the skin, and it can cause more shedding and decrease the health of the skin.

  • Parabens

Avoid these from your dog’s cleaning products as you removed them from your beauty products. These create disturbances in chemical balance and severely affect the mood and health of your dog. You don’t want a sick and anxious dog running around.

  • Sulfates

If you see sulfates in any of the shampoos, then steer away, especially from the likes of sodium lauryl sulfate. Sulfates are harsh, and these will destroy your dog’s skin. It’ll make matters worse as dryness will become a real issue that you need to deal with.

  • Chemical Dyes

Using chemical dyes is a big no. Anything not natural is disastrous to health. You need to keep your dog away from these since they carry toxicity, which can harm your dog in the long run. It’ll even disturb your dog’s normal growth.

In simple words, look for shampoos with fresh scents and in natural color or better yet, in white color. And avoid thickening agents, they only create an illusion of thick fur.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many times should I bathe my dog in a month?

We recommend that every dog owner should bathe their dogs once a month if the skin is healthy otherwise bathe them as per your vet’s instructions. And if you do bathe them more than once a month, then make sure to moisturize their skin every time.

  • What is the best deshedding shampoo for dogs?

If you ask us, then we’ll recommend the Wahl Shed Control Pet Shampoo as the best one, but it can vary from person to person. We say, try out the shampoos above and choose from them.

  • In which months do dogs shed most?

Usually, if your dog is healthy, it will shed most in spring and fall. If it sheds extra fur in other months, consult a vet.

  • When do dogs shed the most?

Dogs usually shed their skin the most when they’re stressed out. It’s your dog’s natural defense mechanism.

  • How long should I let the shampoo sit?

To get the best results out of your dog shampoo, you need to at least let it sit for 5 minutes on your dog’s skin after applying. This ensures that the nutrients are reaching everywhere.

Final Thoughts

What you should do now is pick the right shampoo for your dog. If you’ve read the article, you know which one it is. We can recommend any of the products listed above as the best deshedding shampoo for dogs. You can buy our top pick, Wahl Shed Control Pet Shampoo, with your eyes closed.

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